What is the Full Form of ICSE

We know that there are two boards at the national level in India. Before choosing aboard for our child, we should know about it. With this, you will be able to know well which board is right according to the interest of your child because both the boards are very different, the education system of both the boards is different. CBSE board schools in our country are more than ICSE board. So today in this post what is ICSE?, ICSE full form in English, what is ICSE, all information related to ICSE full form will be found.

ICSE Full Form in English

The full form of ICSE is Indian Certificate of Secondary Education” and the full form of ICSE in Hindi is “Indian Certificate of Secondary Education”. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi.

What is ICSE Board?

ICSE i.e. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is a private institute. This is a board in which the examination to be conducted is conducted by CISCE i.e.

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, in which only class X and XII examinations are held. There is only English Medium (English Medium) in this and all the exams are conducted in English Medium. This board conducts three exams.

  • ICSE (Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education) – for 10th class
  • CVE (Certificate Of Vocational Education) – for class 12th class
  • ISE (Indian School Certificate) – for class 12th

History of ICSE Board

ICSE Board was established in 1956. The ICSE board was organized primarily for the purpose of Anglo-Indian education. Its headquarter is located in New Delhi.

icse full form

The ICSE board was created on the basis of the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986 in the country of India. All the schools which come under this board follow the syllabus made by this board. This board is very different from the CBSE board and state board.

Difference Between ICSE Board and Other Board

Now let us know how different the ICSE board is from the rest of the board? As you all know, apart from ICSE, CBSE has the highest number of schools in India. In the CBSE board, the syllabus is in both Hindi and English whereas in the ICSE board the syllabus is in English only.

In the CBSE board and state board, more attention is given to other subjects like science, mathematics, whereas in the ICSE board, more attention is paid to languages, arts i.e. things to be learned, simply put, more on theory in CBSE and state boards. Attention is given whereas in the ICSE board more attention is given to practical.

The number of children appearing in ICSE is also less so that the teachers here are able to pay good attention to all the children. In the ICSE board, children are encouraged to learn new skills apart from the curriculum.

This board pays attention to the skill development of the children, due to which the children coming out from here are definitely successful in their life. ICSE board is expensive as compared to other boards.


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