How to open payslip in hamraaz app

To open a payslip in hamraaz app it’s easy just you need to follow this blog and you will get a complete step to open the payslip in hamraaz app.

First, you need to install the hamraaz app from the mobile seva store. Let’s see how to install the hamraaz app from the play store or from the mobile seva store. First, you need to go to or visit the official site of the Mobile Seva store Here there is a link you can copy and visit directly to the main website.

The website looks like this you can see the image and you can go through that link and you can get the .website of the Mobile Seva store. The website link is


The Installation of the Hamraaz App from the Mobile Seva store

Then next process to Army members you need to download the HAMRAAZ APP from the Mobile Seva store. It’s a simple thing and you can download this application easily. Follow the steps below

  1. Visit the official website of Mobile Seva store Link given already
  2. Just you need to locate the search bar on the official website
  3. You will find the search bar top right
  4. In the search bar, you need to Type the HAMRAAZ name
  5. You will get the application on the screen
  6. Then click on that you will download automatically in your mobile
  7. You can look at the image below also

How to open the payslip in Hamraaz app

Now you just download the application from the official website or you can log in through that. The next thing you need to do is to enter your login details to log into HAMRAAZ APP. You can see the image how the interface will look while login for security purpose.

Just you need to Enter your PAN CARD number of the HAMRAAZ APP Remember that it’s only for ARMY soldiers only. The interface will look like this the image is given below

Downlaod the HAMRAAZ APP manually from this link easily

From this link, you can download the HAMRAAZ app easily and you can install the app on your mobile device easily. Just click here to download the HAMRAAZ APP

Then next You will observe the menu bar with three lines Just you need to click on that and you need to select the Service option then you will redirect to the service page.

And you will see below after scrolling down then You will observe the Download the play slip option and you can download the pay slip from the HAMRAAZ APP easily.