SSP Full Form


SSP Full Form: Senior Superintendent Of Police

The full form of SSP is Senior Superintendent Of Police, which is known as वरिष्ठ पुलिस अधीक्षक in Hindi, the main job of SSP is to maintain law and order in the district of that state. SSP is the senior-most officer of a big district. The SSP has an Ashoka Pillar above it with two stars on its shoulders.

What is SSP

As we read in the above article that what is the full form of SSB, now we know what is SSP.

SSP means Superintendent of Police, who is a senior officer of a big district in a state, who is responsible for maintaining law and order in that district.

How to Become SSP

To become an SSP, students first have to pass graduation from any subject, after that the student has to prepare for the UPSC exam, if that student passes the UPSC exam, then he is made IPS or IAS.

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