PWD full form | What is PWD | History of PWD in India

Do you know what is PWD, what is the full form of PWD and if you do not know about some important things related to PWD, then let us tell you that PWD is a government department under the state government which is in India for all types? The Government of India does the work of construction of roads, buildings, and bridges.

In this article, we will tell you What is PWD, what is the full form of PWD and some important things related to PWD, you must read this article completely so that you get to know about all the information related to the full form of PWD.

What is PWD?

The Department of PWD is a unit of the Government of India and it undertakes the construction of public infrastructure like roads, bridges, government buildings, water systems across the country. The PWD department is also responsible for the maintenance of government buildings such as government schools, colleges, hospital roads, plumbing for drinking water, or broken pipes.

The PWD department is started by the government which deals with the development of projects, designing or implementing projects, and providing security and facilities on interstate highways, maintenance of government buildings.

What is the full form of PWD?

PWD full form in Hindi is लोक निर्माण विभाग, which is known as Public Works Department in the English language, which performs works related to the public in cities and states such as bridge construction, school construction, hospital construction, and road construction.

What are the functions of PWD?

As you must have read in the above article about what is PWD, what is the full form of PWD, now know what are the functions of PWD. PWD performs the work done by the state government within the state like

  • Road Construction
  • government building construction
  • providing drinking water
  • building bridges
  • Repair of broken road hospitals and bridges

History of PWD in India

In the above article, what is the full form of PWD, you must have understood what is PWD, so let us have a look at the history of PWD.

PWD was first established in India during the reign of Lord Dalhousie, at that time the British used to build dams and ponds under PWD, later the Board of Directors of the East India Company attracted the government with its satisfactory work. Thus the Board of Directors constituted a Commission for PWD in 1850 to inquire into each Presidency.

How to become a PWD Officer

  • Must have passed Graduation in Mechanical Civil or Electrician Engineer from any recognized university or college in India
  • Candidate minimum age should be 21 years and maximum age should be 35 years
  • Students need to study software and electronics to become a PWD officer.

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