What is the full form of ECCE?

Do you know what is the full form of ECCE, if you do not know, then let us tell you that there is no one full form of ECCE, rather it is known by many names, so in today’s article we will discuss all about of ECCE. You will try to know about it in detail, you must read this article completely.

What is the full form of ECCE?

First of all, let us tell you that the full form of ECCE is Early Childhood Care and Education, which is known as National Early Childhood Care and Education in English, now you must have known about the ECCE now you know what is ECCE.

What is ECCE?

Early Childhood Care and Education

ECCE is known as Integrated Child Development Service by which people in common language call Anganwadi. ECCE was formed on 2 October 1975 in which arrangements were made to provide school education to children 0 to 6 in India.

To provide schooling for children of the age of three years. So that the social, mental, and emotional development of children can be done.

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