How to download covid vaccination certificate from Umang app

How to download covid vaccination certificate in Umang app Digi locker. Here government introduced a new application that the citizenship of Indians can use the application. This app is an allrounder app where you can save your certificate and you can pay the bills through digital services and you can use the application for various purposes also.

Here I will describe the complete process of how to save your vaccination certificate and how to get this certificate without login into your Umang app. Follow the steps below and save your identity.

In step one, you need to go to the official website and you need to register the account in the UMANG app or the website. If you already having an account in the UMANG app then you need to proceed to the next step. But those who do not register the account then go through this link and register

In step Two, You need to go to the login option in website or the application then enter your mobile number and the MPIN which have created in using of UMANG app. After that you push the dashboard where the actual process start from to Umang app digi locker vaccination certificate getting.

In step three, You will find in Desktop the Digi locker option instantly or if you using the mobile app you need to go to the menu bar and you will find the Digi locker option. after getting the option please click on that and you can open the Digi locker. In Desktop the interface looks like this the image is given below.

In step four, you will get the interface of Digi locker that is you need to sign up or if you have the account in Digi locker already. The next thing is that this Digi locker in Umang app is useful for storing the documents and you can verify the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate in Digi Locker. It is cloud-based platform lets look at the next step and the interface will look like this.

In step five, You need to signup for the account of Digi locker with your 12 digits Aadhaar number. It only asks for your Aadhaar number. So make sure that you have the Aadhaar number or the Aadhaar card and after submitting your number you will receive a one-time password(OTP) to register your mobile number in Aadhaar. The interface will look like this image is given below.

In step six, You need to set the pin for the Digi locker with accepting of six-digit code only and give all permission they ask just click on the button next to or allow button you will find in front of the screen and the interface will look like this. You can see the image below.

In the further step you have to do just search in services of the Digi locker in the Umang app you will see the service directory in the Umang app click on that and it will take you the following options and you need to search the name called COWIN and then following steps is that.

If you want to Register or the login of the Covid-19 Vaccination the click on the open button you will find on the interface or else if you want t to verify your Covid-19 certificate you will find the open ‘button and you can also download the certificate also of you Umang app covid-19 vaccination certificate. The following image is given below.

Mostly from above image you can also download the Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Make sure that just follow our steps you will definitely download the Covid-19 vaccination certificate from the umang app.

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