DM full form

Do you know what is the full form of DM, then let us tell you that there is no one full form of DM, but it has many full forms, so through this article today, about all the full detail of DM. I am going to tell you in detail, you must read this article completely.

DM full form: District Magistrate

The full form of DM is District Magistrate, which is known as District Officer or District Collector, which is one of the highest posts in the district, the main job of the District Magistrate is to maintain law and order within the district and look after the revenue.

District Magistrate is an IAS officer who has all the workload of the district on whom the DM post was first started in 1977 by Warren Hasting.

To become a district officer, first, you have to pass the UPSC exam with a good rank, only then you can become a DM. The starting monthly salary of a DM is around ₹ 70000.

DM full form in journalism

The word DM is always used in the field of journalism, whose full form is Digital media. Digital media is primarily a form of common media that uses electronic devices for distribution, this form of media is created through electronic devices. modified and distributed.

DM full form in Telecommunication

If you are connected in the field of telecommunication, then you must have heard the word DM. In telecommunications, DM means Delta Modulation. Delta modulation is an analog to digital and digital to analog signal conversion technique. It is used for the transmission of voice information.

The full form of DM in social Media?

DM means in social media is Direct Message. Direct Message means direct message which is used by the social media user.

Full form of DM in the medical field

In the field of medicine, the full form of DM is Diabetes Mellitus, which is commonly known as diabetes.

Full form of DM in the computer field

The full form of DM in the field of computers is Data Mining. Data mining is a field of computer science and statistics whose purpose is to extract information from a data set and convert that information into a structure for further use.

District Magistrate
Device Manager
Direct Mail
Diamond Mine
Disease Management
Development Manager
Document Management
Digital Media
District Magistrate
Decision Meeting
Display Message
Direct Marketing
Devil Moon
Discuss Management
Direct Modulation
Discuss Module


We hope that you have liked the information given by us today. Through this article, we have learned about the different full forms of this word.

It has different meanings on different platforms and that is why I told you about the full name used in its most popular platform.