What is the full form of OAS?

Do you also want to know what is the full form of OAS, then let us tell you that there is no one full form of OAS, but it has many full forms, through this article you will be told about all the full forms of OAS. You must read this article completely.

OAS full form in International

The full form of OAS in English is the organization of American States, which is an organization of all the states of America, which was established on 30 April 1948, OAS has a total of 34 members, its headquarter is located in Washington DC, the capital of America, at present OAS The secretary-general is the Incumbent Uruguayan Lewis.

OAS full form in India

The full form of OAS in India is Odisha Administrative Service. Which is known as Odisha Administrative Service. Orissa Public Service Commission conducts examinations for various posts to enter the civil service for recruitment to the Odisha Administrative Service.

After the split of the Joint Public Service Commission in India, on 1 April 1949, the Public Service Commission was formed in Bihar and Orissa. In which one chairman and 3 members were elected.

OAS full form in Computer

The full form of OAS in a computer is Oracle Application Server, which is used to run the application, Oracle Application Server is used to monitor the running web application and other software.

OAS full form in Medical

The full form of OAS in medicine is Oral allergy syndrome, which in Hindi is known as पराग खाद्य एलर्जी सिंड्रोम. It is primarily an allergic reaction in the body that maintains similarity between the proteins found in fruits and vegetables.

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