What is the full form of BPSC?

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What is the full form of BPSC?

The full form of BPSC is Bihar Public Service Commission, Bihar Public Service Commission is an examination conducting body that conducts about 25 to 30 examinations in Bihar.

What is the full name of BPSC

  • B = Bihar
  • P = public
  • S = service
  • C = commission

What is BPSC?

BPSC conducts state-level examinations in Bihar. BPSC was established on 1st April 1949, at that time the headquarter of BPSC was made in Ranchi but later it was established in Patna. When Jharkhand was not separated from Bihar, then the examination was made for the recruitment of Group A and Group two posts.

What is the history of BPSC?

According to the Indian Constitution, for the appointment of some important posts in India, the conduct of examinations was started from 1853, and to expand it, a committee was formed in 1854 under the chairmanship of Lord Macaulay and after many years it was called by the Government of India.

Under the Act 1935, a commission was constituted by the name of Union Public Service Commission and State Public Service Commission, since then it is functioning effectively in India.

What is the qualification for BPSC Exams?

For the BPSC exam, you should have passed graduation from any recognized university and your age should be more than 21 years. For the BPSC exam, some age relaxation is decided on the basis of caste.

FAQ (related to BPSC full form)

What is made of BPSC?

The full form of BPSC is the Bihar Public Service Commission, which is controlled by the government, students who pass BPSC can be appointed in many types of government posts like SDM, DSP BDO, CO, employment officer, etc.

When was BPSC established?

BPSC was established on 1st April 1949, from this time Indians started starting on many posts in the state of Bihar.

How many exams are there in the BPSC exam?

In the BPSC exam, students have to give a total of 3 exams, Preliminary exam, Main Exam, Interview