What is the full form of CB?

Do you know about the full form of CB, then let us tell you that there is no one full form of CB, but it has many full forms, so today we will tell you about all the full forms of CB, in this article. Do read it completely.

What is the full form of CB

CB: Call Back

Whenever we talk to someone by phone, we use the word call back which means we will call later.

CB: Corporation Bank

Corporation Bank was established on 12 March 1986 as Canara Banking Corporation. This bank is known as Scheduled Commercial Bank in India, Corporation Bank was nationalized in the 1980s by the Reserve Bank.

CB: Central Bank

The full form of CB is Central Bank, which was established on 21 December 1911 in Mumbai, the first chairman of the Central Bank was made Ferozeshah Mehta.

CB: Conduction Band

The new band formed by the mixing of electrons present in all the solid matter in the universe is known as the conduction band.

CB: Cashback

When the consumer makes an online payment through an app, a report is given by the app which is called cashback.

Some full forms related to CB

CB = Carbon Black
CB = Cash box
CB = Certification body
CB = Current balance
CB = Bollege-bound
CB = Cell breaker
CB = Ball Break
CB = Current Bid
CB = Card Bus
ca full form

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