http //chrome//net-internals/#dns

Now we are going to clear all internal caches using the URL http //chrome//net-internals/#dns. This URL is used for clearing all host cache on your computer easily and fairly. But you need to follow the steps below and you can all chrome net internal DNS.

http //chrome//net-internals/#dns

Actually, most chrome users are facing lots of problems and they don’t know how clear the internal DNS caches on their host. While this you can set all private cache and follow ing setting of their website provider.

This setting will be for only chrome users only rather than and other browser will also have the following setting page and the yo can clear all cache data also of their connected host and their website.

Steps to clear the net-internal DNS:

Step 1: If you are using as a long term user as chrome then you need to clear all host cache every day are else hacker can attack your computer. So you must need the following Chrome browser only.

Step 2: Open the Chrome Browser or Start the Chrome browser.

Step 3: Tab on the URL patch where you need to open the URL to clear your DNS cache of your chrome browser.

Step 4: Type in the URL bar chrome://net-internals/#dns

Step 5: From the above image, you will the button after loading your net internal DNS click on the button Clear host cache.

Step 6: After completing all the clearing of the host cache you need to click on the Socket option left side of the menu bar. And the other hand you will find many options like Events, Proxy, DNS, and etc. But our side is just clearing the cache.

Step 7: Click on the Close idle socket and then afterward click on the flush socket button. This will close the socket connection between you and your host. and make you full security also.