Now Youtube has introduced to connect and watch Youtube videos on Tv. But many users are facing the problem with Now in this blog, I am going to tell you the process to verify your Just follow the steps below:

To solve this problem your Various Tv models or android tv must be connected to the internet and must be speed and fast. Make sure before doing this you need to install the youtube application on your Tv from the Play store or else use the default tv store.

What is

Many youtube users don’t This nothing but every if you want your channel verification then you will go to this link. But many users get the error the location was not verified. And in youtube tv, you will see the error Area update is unavailable. To solve this follows the steps below and verify your Youtube Tv.

and one main thing is that this URL only available on mobile devices. Google also informed us that we will also bring youtube tv to Desktops also Tablets. Wait until Google will release another version of Youtube Tv. So I think you have got the solution what this URL

Steps to

If you follow these steps you definitely solve your Then follow these steps and you will able to verify your Youtube on Tv:

Steps 1: First of you need to download the Youtube application on Tv if you don’t how to install the YouTube application on Tv then follow the steps below in some Tv you will get Youtube application by default if not below:

  • Use your remote and click on the store button.
  • Then type in the search bar Youtube.
  • Click on the install button.

step 2: Please sign your google account with your official email id and then open the Youtube application and you will see the three-line or menu bar click on the menu bar.

  • After clicking menubar then you need to scroll down
  • You will observe the channel and account setting.
  • Click on the channel

Step 3: After redirecting to the channel you will find the verify button clear;y and click on that you will be redirected to the OTP page and then click on the send OTP. OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Step 4: you will definitely verify your tv and then watch the youtube videos on your application. This is the steps to solve the and you can see the images also how its look please follow the images also.

People also look for this URL

  • on your mobile
  • on your mobile device
  • location

How to verify your mobile number with Youtube?

This also the same process as shown and in the above matter. Many users are still facing the problem they could not verify the Youtube account but if you follow these steps you can also verify your location and mobile with easily. Please follow the above steps and verify your Youtube account and then start enjoying Youtube Revenue also.

I think this article has been helped you lot if you have any query regarding the then comment me I will give the solution and if have answered more than this article comment me I will update and I will write your name also.