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Worried about the ragging in your college here there complete form and you can file a complaint against the victim who is ragging you http // registration form.aspx. Here you can apply for the antiragging form which will be considered from the UGC of India.

There are two types of the method you can apply for the anti-ragging online or you can apply from the offline method also. Just you need to follow the steps and just go through following the link and you easily apply for anti-ragging.

If already applied for the anti-ragging then worrying about how to download your affidavits of registration form then you can also download your anti-ragging form and you can get through this form offline mode also.


How to apply for the Anti ragging through online?

Many people worrying about how to apply for the anti-ragging or how to register for the anti-ragging through your mobile or through the desktops. Just follow the steps below and you can easily go through that many people typing wrong web address example: http // registration form.aspx.

Steps to register anti-ragging online:

  1. Visit the site through your web browser.
  2. Or you can use the application. But don’t use the unreachable link http // registration form.aspx.
  3. Click on the first option you got the google result

Afterward, you can scroll down and fill in all the information about when you got ragging by anyone. And click on the submit button and you will get an email about your anti-ragging action that will be taken soon. See the image how the form looks because several website will doing fraud and stealing the user data you see properly.

How to apply for anti-ragging for students and parents offline mode?

You can also register through the offline mode for anti-ragging. But I wish to go through the online mode only this always secure and fast. If want to go through the offline mode it will take a long process and more time. So Visit the anti-ragging form online. But don’t go to the false web address http // registration form.aspx.

Just follow the steps for registering anti-ragging through offline mode:

  1. Visit the police station and make a complaint you ragged.
  2. They will file a complaint against him.
  3. Make sure that you file an FIR only.
  4. They will solve your problem easily.
  5. In case they can’t then go district officer and file a complaint

I am wishing that support every and should equal all states of habits and should not be ragged always by people be friendly and think they are our brothers and sisters and I request for all the member before apply to the http // registration form.aspx.

Think once again about him and tell him don’t repeat once again. My idea is that should spoil his or her life also. I think you go the solution about the anti-ragging so kindly please like this social article or a blog where I can bring the wonder-full solution in this digital society