how to reinstall Bluetooth driver site

Microsoft has a lot of issues and anytime you will find anyone problem regarding os or any other feature updates in Microsoft operating system. There is no proper solution on bing or google to resolve the issues on Microsoft.

So one of my problems is how to reinstall Bluetooth driver site Let’s talk about this recently I have bought you a windows laptop which cost almost 70000 Indian rupees.

It has been worked only two days suddenly I got the notification on the laptop display and it was popping up the Bluetooth cannot connect and show that the Bluetooth driver has the problem.

I searched to solve the issue but there was no proper solution this even is a search on google and bing but there was no proper solution. Even I watched some youtube videos but there not quite correct to this solution. I thought need to try myself.

After doing lots of research and experiment to fix or reinstall the Bluetooth driver on my windows. The way I found and I uninstalled the old Bluetooth driver and at last, Again I installed or reinstalled updated Bluetooth driver.

So I am going to tell you the complete process and steps to reinstall your Bluetooth driver. Without wasting time lets the experiment reinstall the Bluetooth driver on your Windows machine.


What is a Bluetooth driver in a Windows machine?

Bluetooth driver in windows machine helps to interact with the Bluetooth device in your Windows laptop. Bluetooth driver is software that will play a key role to interact with the hardware component. The Bluetooth driver helps to provide the GUI interface to show connect or receive or share information from one device to another.

Bluetooth driver is major works to share the information from one device to another device. But Bluetooth drivers also have two types of installation or reinstallation methods on your windows machine. This is what we are going to discuss in the next topic.

What are the types there to reinstall the Bluetooth driver?

Actually, there are two different methods to reinstall the Bluetooth driver from the Microsoft site. There are given:

  1. Client-side Bluetooth driver reinstallation.
  2. Server-side Bluetooth driver reinstalltion.

Those two methods are very important to install or reinstall Bluetooth drivers on your Windows machine from the Microsoft site.

Client-side Bluetooth driver reinstallation: This method is very useful for our side because we are always using our own windows machine or windows laptops. Client-side Bluetooth driver reinstallation process I am going to tell.

Server-side Bluetooth driver reinstallation: This method is only useful to a large number of windows machines like data centers or any IT company. Because they have a large number of servers and they need to update or reinstall the Bluetooth driver whenever the problem comes.

how to reinstall Bluetooth driver site

Now I will show you complete steps with images to uninstall your old Bluetooth driver and reinstall the new Bluetooth driver from the site. I have clearly mentioned with images the process of reinstallation of the Bluetooth driver on your PC.

This reinstallation process is also called Client-side Bluetooth driver reinstallation. So you must need your PC to perform this experiment.

To reinstall your Bluetooth driver follow the steps given below:

Step 1: On the keyboard, press WIN + R (Windows logo button and the R button). This is to open the Run box or to revoke the run box.

Step 2: Type in Run box devmgmt.msc or you can copy and paste it. Then hit the enter button this brings you a direct option to Bluetooth driver or click on the OK option.

You will get the device manager all option and in the third or fourth you will find the Bluetooth driver option. If you did not get those options then please comment to me I will solve your error on the Bluetooth driver.

Step 3: Now Double tap on the Bluetooth option and it will show the Bluetooth driver following option. Look at the image and see those options are the same as in your PC or device manager.

You will find different options and it will not same for Intel or Qualcomm. If you are using the intel then in Bluetooth driver you will find the INTEL and if you are using the Qualcomm then you will find the Qualcomm.

Step 4: Use Right-click on Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Bluetooth( This in my Pc and if you are using intel there will be an intel option) and you will get the window and click on the Uninstall. The Bluetooth driver will be uninstalled from your windows machine.

Then check the box and click on the uninstall button. You will successfully uninstall the Bluetooth driver from your PC on windows. See the image how the to uninstall button looks like.

After completing these steps now it is the major part to reinstall the Bluetooth driver on your PC or Windows machine. There are two options we are now doing the manual process and there is an automatic process also.

Now it’s time to solve your question that you are getting in your mind i.e how to reinstall Bluetooth driver site After completing the uninstall process now will reinstall your Bluetooth driver on your system or windows machine.

Reinstall Bluetooth driver

To reinstall Bluetooth driver on your windows. If you are using the windows latest version I mean if Windows 10. It is the automatic process to reinstall your Bluetooth driver on your PC. Follow the steps:

Step 1: After completing the above steps of uninstallation. Now close all the TABS and On the keyboard press ALT + F4 and choose the option restart.

You will get the doubt why to restart, Because windows 10 will automatically install the drivers which are missing in PC. So make sure that you must connected to the internet. And use the same first two steps in uninstall process and double tap on the bluetooth you will find the updated driver in your PC.

Now you can connect with any other devices and you can share or recieve the files through the bluetooth. if do so your Bluetooth driver is working succesfully.

If want to reinstall the bluetooth driver from site for your old windows version Then you can follow this steps to get how to reinstall Bluetooth driver site

Reinstall Bluetooth driver site

To how to reinstall Bluetooth driver site site then you need to follow the steps given below and you can easily download the updated Bluetooth driver from and you can install this on your PC.

First you need to uninstall the old driver from your windows PC. Then follow this steps to download and reinstall the bluetooth driver from site.

  • Visit the
  • Then Click on the menu bar.
  • Then click on the Drivers to update or install option.
  • Select the option as Bluetooth driver.
  • Then select your windows version to download the Bluetooth driver.
  • After downloading the file in your Windows PC.
  • Click on the install and your Bluetooth driver will installed successfully and updated also.
  • This is way you can reinstall your bluetooth driver site