SDM full form

SDM Full Form: SDM is a civil service officer. SDM is created to control the Tehsil or Subdivision of the district, which establishes the relationship between the District Officer and Tehsildars of the sub-division. Allows controlling duty.

What is the full form of SDM?

The full form of SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate. who is an administrative officer below the district level, who is responsible for controlling the subdivision divided in the district? SDM is known in Hindi as औपनिवेशिक जज. The SDM can be either a senior officer of the civil service of that state or an officer of the Indian Administrative Service

Who is SDM?

SDM is a civil service officer SDM is made to control the tehsil or subdivision of the district, which establishes the relationship between the district officer and tehsildars of the subdivision. Allows the SDM to control other duties under the 1973 Code of Criminal Procedure.

How to become a SDM

  • To become an SDM first you have to pass graduation from any recognized university.
  • You will have to pass the State Service Commission or Indian Service Commission examination with a good rank only then you will be selected for the post of SDM.

What is the function of SDM?

SDM is known as the magistrate of the subdivisions of the district, who performs the responsibility of the sub-division district, in the above article, we read that what is the full form of SDM and what is SDM, know what are the functions of SDM. |

Disaster management

  • SDM has the responsibility of delivering material for relief from any disaster like flood, drought or man-made calamities in the division of his district and it is also the work of SDM to spread awareness about facing any disasters.

Land revenue

  • All revenue works within the district such as demarcation of land, the criteria for the custody of public land are included.
  • Register marriage
  • Issuance of driving license
  • Issuance of caste, domicile, or income certificate
  • Election work