what is the full form of CRF

Do you know what is the full form of CRF, if you do not know, then let us tell you that there is no one full form of CRF but it has many full forms, so in this article about all the full forms related to CRF has been described?

CRF in medical

The full form of CRF is Chronic Renal Failure. Chronic renal failure is a type of kidney disease that gradually destroys kidney function. The term CRF is used in medical fields or primarily to refer to kidney disease.

CRF in government

The full form of CRF is the Calamity Relief Fund, which is a fund issued by the central government. CRF is a fund issued to the state government for the prevention of disasters such as hunger, flood, Kovid-19, financial emergency in the state. to compensate for the loss.

CRF in technology

The full form of CRF is the Case Record Form. CRF is a document designed to record data and other information of a test or subject. The data recorded in CRF allows accurate verification and inspection.

CRF Central Repair Facility USPS
CRF Complete Reinforcement First Military
CRF Comic Relief Force Business form
CRF Cryptographic Repair Facility Government
CRF Community Recovery Foundation Organization
CRF Country Road Funds Transportation
CRF Contrast Rendering Factor Electronic
CRF Capital Recovery Factor Government
CRF Christian relief fund Organization
CRF Caribbean recycling foundation Organization
CRF cross-reference file Government
CRF Citizen ResearchFoundation Organization
CRF Charge Remote Fragmentation Chemistry
CRF Case Record Form Hospital

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