Yono web portal inconvenience regretted (solved)

Now, In this article, we going to solve the problem of the Yono web portal inconvenience regretted. To do solve this you need to why this occurs rarely and sometimes heavily. Actually, when you visit the SBI internet banking whether it is on mobile or website you will see the pop message Yono web portal inconvenience regretted.

This problem mainly occurs while the process of application or website is going to update and fixing the bugs they found. And second, the main problem is that even though to get safe from hacker. By this sometimes they will down the server.

How to solve the Yono web portal inconvenience regretted problem?

To solve this problem just you need to some major steps. These steps will help you how to solve the error. This error can be solved in two types from your side and from the bank side. But it is very difficult to go to the bank and solving these error but you can solve from your side easily.

From your side solve the Yono web portal inconvenience regretted error.

  1. Visit the home page of your sbiyono.sbi.
  2. And login to the Yono using your username and password.
  3. Enter the human verification code. And click on the submit button.

While login you will get the pop message that is the Yono web portal inconvenient regretted. You can see the image below also how its looks. Then you need to Turn off your Simcard keep it in flight mode for 5-10 minutes. Then again you can log in and it will be logged in.

If it is also not possible then visit the official website of your SBI if you getting errors on the application.

Even though if you are getting the error on the website also then you need to go through the official SBI website there you can perform so many activities also. Just go to the SBIONLINE.SBI then login with your username and password as same as the YONO login process. Here you will not get any errors.

From bank side solve the Yono web portal inconvenience regretted error

This process is easy then because if you see an error like Yono web portal inconvenience regretted then you need to visit your main branch. Here the main branch means from where you have to open your account that’s call your main branch or home branch.

  1. Here the employer will uninstall your application of YONO.
  2. Next process he will install a new one.
  3. He will do registration with the new proposal code.
  4. he will update all your setting at that time.
  5. But this process will take time and you need to be patient.