How to tame a wolf in fortnite

Epic Games releases Fortnite season six in chapter 2 on 16 march. You will have more fun in this and you can play with animals together today I will tell you the top secrets of How to tame a wolf in Fortnite. Yes, it is real. Fornite chapter 2 Season 6 is a very interesting one. Because the new option comes available in Fortnite.

There lots of animals in Fortnite game season six you can kill all those animals also in Fortnite. But you can also tame the animals as friends and be a part of your character also. Fortnite is provided a new option for taming the animals with you.

Here there are complete steps on how to tame a wolf in Fortnite. You can follow those steps and you can tame the Wolf with you as long as.

Steps for Taming the Wolf in Fortnite

In Step one, you need to don one main thing that you need to carry the weapons and other equipment. Next, you need to roam the map of Fortnite season six until you found the Wolf on the map.

In step two, You need to see clearly whether it is a wolf or not and the next thing that you need to do in Fortnite is you need to attack the wolf but make sure that should kill the wolf. If you kill the wolf again you just need to roam the map and finding one more wolf as I said in the first step should repeat.

In step Three, You need to take the meat of any other animal in Fortnite and then you need to chop the meat. That means the wolf will going attack you but when you chop the meat wolf will change his mindset to chopping meat.

In step Four, You need to use the arrow bow and attach the meat to the arrow and through towards the wolf and the wolf sees and catches that chopped meat and when the wolf eats your meat then it will come towards you.

I step five, You should confirm that whether the wolf is tamed or not. To do so you need to see the wolf face if the wolf face will be in a blackish color that means it is not tamed with you Or else The wolf face has become pink in color that means the wolf is tamed with you.