what is the full form of CU

Do you know what is the full form of CU, if you want to get complete information about CU, then read this article completely so that you can know about all the full forms of CU?

What is the full form of CU?

CU is a short form that has many full forms, in this article you will get to know all the full forms of CU, then you must read this article completely.

CU full form in Chemistry

The full form of CU is copper. This word is used in chemical fields. Cu is the Latin word for copper, whose atomic number is 29. Copper is a good conductor of electricity and copper is used to make many electronic items.

CU full form in education

The full form of CU is Columbia University, which is located in New York City, USA, which was established on 25 May 1754 AD, about 28000 students study in this college.

CU full form in computer

The full form of CU is Control Unit, CU is related to the computer field, whose main job is to control all the devices connected to the computer and all the tasks given by it, it works to coordinate all the parts of the computer.

CU full form in regional

The full form of CU is Cuba. Cuba is a republic with a population of more than 120000 Cuba was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 AD The current President of Cuba is Raul Castro.

CU full form in college

The full form of CU is Chandigarh University, it is a private university located in the state of Chandigarh, India.

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