what is the full form of ALU

Do you know about the full form of ALU, if you do not know, then let us tell you that there is no one full form of ALU, but there are many full forms of Allu, in this article all types related to the full form of ALU Information is given?

What is the full form of ALU

The full form of ALU is the Arithmetic Logic Unit, which is part of the processor called the brain of the computer, whose job is to process the information given by the computer, there is a circuit that is used to process arithmetic. ALU is also known as the powerhouse of the computer.

ALU full form in education

The full form of ALU is African Leadership University which offers bachelor’s degrees in both Mauritius and Rwanda countries. African Leadership University was established in September 2015 in Mauritius, it is also known as African Leadership College.

ALU full form in unevarcity

The full form of ALU is Abraham Lincoln University which was established in 1996 AD by Hyung J. Park did at Abraham Lincoln University, awarding bachelor’s, diploma, and doctoral degrees where students are made to study law related.

ALU Abraham Lincoln University university and institute
ALU Army Logistics University academic and science
ALU Arithmetic logic unit computer
ALU American labor union organization
ALU Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti academic and institute
ALU African Leadership University Institute
ALU full form

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