Video editor – Camtasia Studio part 1 (How to record the screenscreen record using camtesia)


Once you openly understand that if you want to make a video or if you want to make a career in the world of film and production then you will always have to remember one thing and that video is being edited so well that every one The screen which is shown on the screen should have been made well. See here. Here you can never record the outside screen. Recording tanks may have to record your own computer’s screen, you will make a video together with all of you, but in what video do I tell you if you have to record your computer’s screen then what will you do? You can easily record a computer’s screen. You can also add your own video to it. You can also add your own audio which you will say. In the video he will see that which I have given to this software, in this screen shot, you see only one and above all written with a boy record screen. When you call it, you can record a few screens C settings and settings that you can read very easily and you can record your screen.


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