Camtasia Studio ( Video editor ) – Record the Screen, Green Screen Edit, Set Effects, Audio Edit, VFX

Once you openly understand that if you want to make a video or if you want to make a career in the world of film and production then you will always have to remember one thing and that video is being edited so well that every one The screen which is shown on the screen should have been made well. See here. Here you can never record the outside screen. Recording tanks may have to record your own computer’s screen, you will make a video together with all of you, but in what video do I tell you if you have to record your computer’s screen then what will you do? You can easily record a computer’s screen. You can also add your own video to it. You can also add your own audio which you will say. In the video he will see that which I have given to this software, in this screen shot, you see only one and above all written with a boy record screen. When you call it, you can record a few screens C settings and settings that you can read very easily and you can record your screen.

What is the biggest thing in a video is that what is being played on this screen, what music or tow is being played, you will pay attention to one thing that you do not like to watch the video which is just a movie in the movie That is, just 10 things to watch, but you like that video in which there is a good song, even if the video is a little bad, it may not be good to see If the voice is not good then maybe that video is very good. Let me tell you a few things. This talk will help you to reach your video far and wide in your video of up to before you transcript the video i.e. what you make You are the story of what your story is, first of all, note your copy from your paper and what screen are you going to set up? And all what you are going to talk about should be done beforehand. Which tone will set which tone you will be following. In that video, keep this everything pre-set and after that you did in the video track. It is also separate from the video Keep the audio in the audio track. Note that you can also edit the audio track and you can also edit the video tech you can add new in your video Tone can also be added and can be removed, anybody can cut you from anywhere. Yes, this thing is possible. Asia will be very helpful in making videos in the beginning. I do not tell you that the camera is good with all the software but I I can definitely say that if you want to edit the video at the beginning, then maybe it will prove to be better for you.

Use of Callouts, Fades, Text in the video

As we all know, today’s demand for viewing the video is going to be very high today people do not like to read books. Instead of reading books, they prefer to watch videos. In fact, the video is the largest state of the festival. Effect happens i.e. attracts people’s eyes by showing a variety of voices and scenes, the video draws people towards it and that is the reason Today, people watching videos in huge quantities are increasing day by day, so if you want to make a video of yourself in the video series session today, I will tell you something about it and tell you about the software. So imagine that Adobe’s application is great for video editing, which is named Adobe Premiere Pro. With this software you can edit very well They can put a very good effect but Adobe Premiere Pro is a little complex, so let me tell you an easy video editor. This is the name of the video editor. Will this be remembered by friends? This is a video editor and with this, you must have audio along with the video Will both of us get video audio in the video and do I have given both of you, which is the best to use a little bit. What is low in the field but still if you want to edit the video in the startup, want to make some video in the video editing startup, then you want to do as well as do something else or want to make things that are not it. This is the only two software but still, I can tell you here that the screen is on the right side where you edit and the side has you. Below what you can write even where video and audio in both want to chat then take is to do.