SHO Full Form

Do you want to know about the full form of SHO then you are reading the right article because in this article we will try to know what is the full form of SHO and all types of full forms related to SHO? You must read this article completely.

What is the full form of SHO?

SHO full form in English: Station House Officer, which is known as स्पेशल हाउस अधिकारी in Hindi and also known as Police Incharge, is the senior-most officer of any police station whose shoulders are But there are 3 stars above the red stripe and the blue stripe.

What are the functions of SHO?

  • The main function of SHO is to maintain law and order within his police station area.
  • Only the SHO present in the court is present on behalf of the police station.
  • All the responsibilities of the police station are on the shoulders of the SHO.
  • One of the main tasks is to go to any incident site to investigate and write a report.

What is the salary of SHO

Different pay fixation is fixed for different posts in the police department, if we talk about an SHO officer, then its monthly salary can be around ₹ 27500 to ₹ 105000.