Best Lip Balms in India for Guys

Who doesn’t enjoy a magical smile? A pleasant smile can immediately brighten up a room and cause you to the heart and soul of a party! For flaunting the ideal smile, you need your lips to become moisturized and soft and banish the flaky, heavy texture. Below is a listing of 8 best lip balms in India for guys that will save you a lot of trouble.

1. Arata Zero Chemical Lip Balm

Even though there is no dearth of lips balms for guys on the market, very few actually manage to fulfill their promises of ensuring that your lips are supple and well-nourished. Acting as an absolute godsend for flaky and dry lips, which makes for a great option if you are a professional of veganism or an eco nut who enjoys investing in whatever environment-friendly. In reality, this vegan merchandise would probably become your go-to remedy for dry lips as it pertains infused with nutrient supplements oils (lemon oil and mentha oil). And naturally, as its name suggests, it includes no chemical preservatives at all.

2. Nivea Men Lively Care SPF 15

If there’s 1 brand that has become a household name, it’s Nivea. It is possible to trust a Nivea product blindly because it will never fail you. It is going to definitely feature from the listing of 5 greatest lip balms for guys. What’s perfection? Obviously, a lip balm with SPF. Nivea Men Lively Care is one of the best lip balms in India.That’s right, now you can keep your lips hydrated together with an extra sun protection of SPF 15. As a result of very affordable price, this lip balm is a cult favourite among men of all ages, be it college-goers or professionals. Moreover, this lip balm is devoid of some artificial fragrance, color or glow. With this kind of positive reviews, it’s safe to declare this as among the best lip balm for men in India.

3. Kiehl’s Lip Balm – Mint

The American brand dates back to 1851 and boasts of some of the greatest skin, hair and body care items on the planet. A Kiehl’s product consistently fulfils its promises and delivers immediate results. All their products are dermatologically tested with no chance of side-effects. Their lip balms are no exception, with all the Mint variants being a huge favourite. The lip balm also will help to relieve chapped and cracked lips and protects them from harsh weather conditions.

4. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Jack Black’s Intense Therapy lip balm fights against the sun and wind to protect the lips, while also providing broad-spectrum sunlight protection, such as UVA and UVB. In reality, this lip balm was field-tested to guard the lips in extreme conditions, while soothing and moisturizing. The balm also contains antioxidants like Vitamin E and green tea and contains an SPF level of 25.

5. BEARDO Choco Mint Lip Balm For Men

Beardo has emerged as a well-known title in the men’s grooming industry, owing to its selection of quality goods. Therefore, because we’re searching for the finest lip balms for guys, our list could not be complete without a version from this brand’s carefully curated catalogue. A nemesis for chapped and cracked lips, this product is enriched with an intensely hydrating formula which bestows your lips together with the moisture that they lacked. Also, if you happen to be a smoker, then this lip balm would efficiently help you get rid of those dark lips.

6. Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture

When we are talking about the most popular lip balms for men on the market, the list is incomplete without mentioning a brand that has been ruling Indian markets since time immemorial — Vaseline! That is undoubtedly the most budget-friendly, and needless to say, readily available product on the list. Successfully locking in the moisture required to prevent dry lips, this revamped version also comes with SPF 15 that protects you from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

7. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

This fruity version would revitalise your lips, all the while reviving their natural glow and day their skin tone. Biotique Lip Balm is one of the best lip balms in india. Additionally, in the event that you swear by Ayurvedic products, then this lip balm would have you happy for it’s preservative-free and pure, and since it is created from natural ingredients including Angur, Mulethi, Badam, Kusumbhi, and Til, it oozes a subtle, fruity fragrance too. Biotique lip balm comes in an obsolete tub packaging. But, it has more merchandise when compared with the chap sticks. It’s 12 g of product compared to 3-4 grams per chap stick.:-RRB- The cost is significantly less when compared to its counterparts on the market.

8. Saint Beard-Lip Balm (Coffee) SPF 30

Cracked lips, aside from being a nuisance, can also be a major cause of embarrassment. So to save you from this humiliation and to make certain you walk around in utmost confidence, we have recorded this lip balm out of Saint Beard that will supply you with some much-needed relief from peeled, cracked, and debilitating lips. Apart from being laden with lots of skin-friendly attributes, this variant, that includes a coffee flavour, also exudes a soothing aroma.