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Friends, in today’s everyday life, some such words are spoken, which we do not know very well about them, because this world and the people of the world are adopting something new every day, so today I will RIP you in this post. What is the full form of RIP, as well as what is RIP, I have given information about it in this article.

What is the full form of RIP?’

The full form of RIP is Rest in Peace, RIP meaning in Hindi is ‘आत्मा का शांति’

It is used by us and the people of the world, in today’s new era, after any person has left the world i.e. after death, he prays to God with all his heart and soul for the peace of his soul, it is a Catholic language which is more widely used by the first Christians. was being used.

What is RIP?

After knowing the full form of RIP, I want to tell you about it in detail, you must know that after the death of any human race, the news reaches people through social networks, mobile phones, etc.

Which is mostly used by us on social networks, it is used by many people in the comment box of social networks, RIP is a short form of the English word, whose full form is Rest in Peace.

In today’s world, people of almost every race use this word to pray for the peace of each other’s souls, you should also know that it is a Latin word, whose full form in the Latin word is Requiescat. In Peace Happens.]

By using this word, we express our feelings for the peace of the soul of the dead person and we should also do it, no matter how much hatred is there in this colorful world, but after he leaves the world, we must ask God for his One should pray for the peace of the soul.

While praying, keeping the abode of God in our hearts, and closing both of our eyes, we should pray for the peace of his soul because there is no such person in this world who has not hurt anyone’s heart, who does his hatred towards anyone. Haven’t happened

Because in the world man crosses the world while fighting and fighting, there is no angel here, everyone is a murderer in the eyes of God, we should ignore all these things for the peace of the soul of the dead person. One should pray to God because in this theater world we are also living like a guest.

We also have to leave the sight of this colorful world one day or the other, then we too must have killed many hearts on this stage, the way we pray to God for the peace of the soul of the dead person, the same way we all There will also be responsibilities for your good dead life.

History of RIP-

The term RIP-Rest in Peace was first used on people’s tombs, and tombs, around the 5th century, then became widely used by Christians in the late 18th century to refer to dead bodies.

The Catholic class believed that after the death of any human, it is necessary to pray to God for the peace of their soul, the principle of this word matches with the classes of Christians.

Because the Bible says that the soul of any human is separated from the body after their death, it is believed that the soul and body are reunited on the Day of Resurrection.

Catholic people, Catholic people are cremated by making a board of wood or anything on the tomb or grave, writing RIP, and writing their name along with their date of birth and date of death.

Things related to RIP –

The word RIP is used to express grief as well as to pray for the peace of the soul of the deceased.
• The word RIP is used to wish for sympathy and peace of mind for the dead person, in today’s era, people of all religions use this RIP for the peace of their soul after the death of any other person or any other person. use the word.
• The word RIP is used with patience in the mind for the peace of the soul of the dead person at a very disappointing time.
• The word RIP was being used only by Christians but today it is used by people of all religions.

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