How to plop your hair with a t-shirt

In this tutorial, I will discuss how to plop your hair with a t-shirt. In just three steps I will show how plop your hair. Why most of the girls prefer to plop their hairs. Plop is one of the most preferred techniques and you can dry your hair by this plopping method also.

Let’s start the process of Plopping your hair with a t-shirt. Below there are three steps with brief matter and what to do after plopping hair. And how much time need to plop your hair also we given matter also.

Plop your hair with a t-shirt

Step 1: You need a T-shirt and Which T-shirt is best

Many girls are doing wrong with taking the T-shirt. You need to take a cotton t-shirt only. Because Cotton shirts are very good to use for your hair. But many of using the polythene t-shirt but it’s wrong don’t use the polyethylene T-shirts. Cotton T-shirt will observe water very fast and it very good and it will save your time also. Below there are steps on how to keep your cotton T-shirt before plopping follow that.

  1. Take the Cotton t-shirt and place it on the bed or floor.
  2. make sure that your cotton T-shirt should be dry.
  3. Or else you will not get the result for plop your hair with T-shirt.
  4. Below is the image you can see and check yourself.

Step 2: How to play your hair on T-shirt

Many girls will make mistakes while placing their hair on the T-shirt. before placing your long hair on the T-shirt you need to drop the water from your hair and after go under the fan or the hair drier and make for five minutes. After then follow the steps if not have clarity about it I have provided the image below.

  1. Place your hair a shown in the image above.
  2. And catch the hands of the T-shirt carefully and keep on your hair.
  3. Keep your hair inside the T-shirt and catch the edge of the t-shirt.
  4. After then check whether there any fault with that.
  5. You can look at the image of how she doing and you can do it.

Step 3: How to tie your T-shirt after completing plop of your hair in a T-shirt

This step is main and if it fails then you need to do it again from the first step. In these steps after completing the tie of your T-shirt, you need to wait a minimum of 20 minutes to get a better plop of your hairs and you can get smooth and good hair. And follow the steps on how to tie your cotton T-shirt for plopping your hair.

  1. catch the hands of the T-shirts and Tie them correctly.
  2. Then wait for and check any fault of the T-shirt of your hair.
  3. Wait for 20 minutes and you will get a better result for your long hair.
  4. Then use the hair oil to your hair it will become smooth and silky.
  5. You can follow the image of how I tied my T-shirt for plopping the hair.