How to start blogging for free and earn money

To start Blogging in your career you need to know some languages. In these two types of blogging is there, which is advertising blogging and non-advertising blogging?

If you want to start advertising blogging you need to choose different advertising platforms are to play ads on your blogging site or blog website. In an advertising network, Google Adsense is the best ads network and the second is Because they will pay good CMP(Cost per monetization).

Start blogging for free

To start blogging for free you need a Laptop or at least a mobile phone. Then you need an official Gmail or Yahoo mail id to create an account for free blogging.

Then, you need to login into the official Google partner site called This is the free blogging site that provides you all tools to write a blog. Whereas you need not invest money from your pocket. It’s a free platform only.

Applying for an advertising platform

For applying for an advertising platform you need to verify the terms and conditions of your partner. If you are applying for Google Adsense then visit their policies and rules on their official site.

So, the official site for applying is Google Adsense. Then you need to keep your site on google to do this process you should visit the search console of your advertising partner and whatever they need you must complete the process according to their policies.

How to earn money from your Blog

After getting approval from your advertising partner to play the ads. To earn money you need to bring traffic to your website or else you can’t make any dollars from your blog. To bring traffic to your site just focus on social media and work hard with patience.

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