how to create a blend on Spotify

Hello, guys welcome to our new topic on Spotify that is Spotify released the new feature called Blend. Many of them have doubts about how to create a blend on Spotify.

To clarify and to show complete about blend feature in the Spotify application and I will also do a demo that is how to create a blend on Spotify. Before creating the blend feature you need to know about what is Spotify blend feature is and why it is lanched.

What is blend feature in spotify?

Actually, this feature introduced for the dual idea to create a single playlist for you and your friends. This feature is useful for your friends in the Spotify followers that can create an enhanced playlist for you and him to listen to the songs of your friends and your taste.

This blend feature provides good interaction with your friend’s playlist and he can create a good playlist for both that you can listen to the songs at the time of your friend taste and your taste to him.

I really love this feature because I am and My friends are created a good and enhanced playlist to listen to the songs of our both tastes. The blend is nothing but Blending or creating a playlist for both members or more members to listen to the songs with your friends on Spotify.

how to create a blend on Spotify

In this blog, I will tell you to step by step process to create the blend on Spotify and listen to the demo blended songs on Spotify. So why too late let’s get started. If you are worried about the Spotify pair tv code or activation code please click on the link.

Follow these steps to create the blend on Spotify. To listen to the songs of your friends and you’re favorite.

  • Open the spotify application.
  • Then Tap on the search bar.
  • Scroll down and you will fin the Only you.
  • Click on the Only you option.
  • Click on the Browser all option.
  • Scroll down and click on the made for two.
  • Click on the ‘+’ which is green color.
  • Click on the invite friend option.
  • Click on the Option to invite through the social or contacts.

After completing the above steps to create the blend playlist on Spotify and you can enjoy the music that you choose friend.

This feature attracts the users of Spotify and it will increase the user base also. So you can also try the blend feature to keep and enjoy the music with your chosen friend. If you like this post please share and comment.