Dynamics of memory (to understand how your memory work)


As we all know that the most common destiny of the body is your brain, why we first understand our brains and understand the brains of the dynamics. You must have read the dynamics in your physics chapters so that we will love that machine Does the dynamics work and how does the machine work? Is your body also a machine to see, yes, your body is also a machine and this machine also has its own dynamics. It is very important for you to understand it. I tell you a little thing. Look, the body is a balance thing. There is some shortage in the body, then the body takes its whole life to fulfill it. You will say how it is possible. I tell you it is potable and the body also works on it. Do you know that our country is not only our country, there are many people abroad who have brain He understood and used it well and has contributed a lot to the social welfare, so did those people understand some of what they thought about the mind that those people used the brain Yes, of course, I would say. I have an accident of mind. Following the pattern that you will remember once you follow yourself in this pattern, the mind will go in the same direction, so why do not you have your mind right? The other thing is to turn the other thing is that you never let your mind go on such a thing which is detrimental to your health. I know maybe you will get sick and you will think that my body will probably be right now or not Guaranteed I can say that if you think that your body is right, you are healthy, then you will be healthy before the time you are healthy. If your brain thinks right then the right energy will be released and it will not be right to remove all your diseases. Help to make you healthy. Not only do I tell you which space is our astronaut, because of your thinking, You can do anything you can do now. Now just by thinking, the mind is able to fulfill your every task.


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