Youtube Dislike Bot

Youtube dislike bot is very useful nowadays. Everyone wants to dislike the video on Youtube channels. Whether they are your friends or competitor. Who is doing the videos on the same topics related to your content? Today I brought you some Youtube dislike software that can help out to make dislike your competitors’ videos on youtube.

Before going to download the Youtube dislike bots in your channel I would recommend being careful while these bots have malware defects that can hack by the hacker network. So use antivirus defectors that protect your computers and your personal data.

So let begin whats are the Youtube dislike bot where are they available and how to download it. I will provide the link that can make it easy to download the Youtube dislike bot software.


Youtube dislike bot script

I will provide you complete you dislike mass script that helps you to dislike all the videos on youtube except yours. Here there below Youtube dislike bot script and it will use only in chrome and firefox browser. I will also provide the read me a file on how to go through that script.

Below there is a zip file that uses for your question on Youtube dislike bot. Be careful it is safe and secure you can use it with hand free. I am provided everything if anything needed then comment to me I will respond in few hours.

Click here to download the Youtube dislike bot script file and use it in your chrome browser

2 Best Youtube dislike bots applications in 2023

I have brought you the 2 best youtube dislike bots applications most popular in 2021. You can download this application and automate your Youtube to dislike the videos automatically. These are the best Five Youtube dislike bots. There are listed below and I will explain how to use this.

  • Browser Bot
  • BOT VIEW (ytb,fb)

Browser Bot

This application is very useful to your Browers that you can have your own browser bot. In this application, they are several options that are including in Youtube dislike bots also. This will help you to Dislike all the videos on Youtube dislike.

But sometimes this application never works. But my wish is to use once and download this application from the play store and use it once if not works move further application.

BOT VIEW (ytb,fb)

This is the best application for likes or dislikes on youtube and you use this application on Facebook also. This best ever application even I to uses this application for disliking and liking Youtube videos and Facebook posts.

You can download the application from the Play store and you can easily use this application by clicking on the start bot button and automatically It dislikes all youtube videos. Use this application and tell your comment.