why is faze getting kicked out of California

Faze getting kicked out of California because the sad boy’s energy is too high and to take care of his mental health of faze mansion. And when faze tweeted the first tweet you can see below and he said that Kicked out of FaZe House, All fair sad boy energy too high.

When he tweeted it all the fans of faze has just joking but In the second tweet also faze has remained the same when he kicks out from faze hose.

After that faze said that it was my fault I should figure out this, In the second tweet, he said that it was totally his fault and I will solve this by my self then fans are cooled down and again faze tweeted below you can see the tweet below.

In an above tweet, he explained clearly that there no clue what they are talking about, and even though he said won’t you know 1% also what rains are dealing with or going right now. And he cools down and he is going to figure out his mistake he did.

At last, the bank also tweeted like this I think @Banks noticed @FaZe_Rain’s mental taking a toll again and didn’t want him to go down as bad of a path so instead of having rain in a place, he hates he made the decision to help him and give him a push forward to better his mental health and get to a stable point to know more about this click here.