Who executes the Program and where program is resides


Whenever you want to understand the operating system, it is very important for you to understand the program, you will think that what is the program and how the program is executed ie what is the meaning of education and why the education field comes in the field First thing I would like to say is that if you do any work, your computer has a process somewhere and its process Only you are given a result of it, that means whenever anyone shows the result, then it will have to load the exit first, ie it will have to explain to the computer what the computer is looking for and whatever computer has been instructed in advance, its base The computer comes in and the one that is polished is the one that puts you to sleep. The program tries to understand what is written in the program That means it tries to break out of the program which is according to whatever you are, the computer breaks down the program, and then whatever it does, it gives you to know that yes the program gives out That we have done computers are set up so that you tell us so much that you write an instruction, that is the same program inst.


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