where does techno gamerz live

Techno Gamerz : where does techno gamerz live? Having a great question mark in your mind today I am going to tell you the top secrets of Techno Gamerz Live. We will also discuss the editing of techno gamerz of his videos.

Who is the owner of Techno Gamerz?

The owner of Techno gamerz is Ujjwal. He is doing as passionate about playing digital games. First, he started his journey in childhood with his Brother’s mobile. He playing online games and his brother given complete support to his passion. And he started uploading videos on Youtube with no commentary and then he released that to add commentary to his video which makes his video attractive to users.

Then after adding commentary to his video the views started from India and then faced a lot of problems to grow his channel. After that, he came with the complete idea to upload the videos of GTA as web series to his channel.

Then the channel has become more famous in India watching GTA games on youtube by Hindi commentary. And from there onwards, ujjwal never looked back and keeping videos weekly twice.

How he edit the video and what tool he uses?

In one video of techno gamerz of his gaming studio tour, he said that he will edit all the video by himself and little bit support form the brother and He uses the adobe photoshop software tool edit all his video.

Eventually, he started with a free trial of photoshop, and at the beginning where his videos will come with the watermark. Later he started using adobe photoshop premium.

About his live mystery

In one of his videos, he also discussed life. wherein his studio having a bedroom. When he comes to his studio first he will get sleep of half an hour and then start creating the life of playing the GTA series games also.

Presently Techno gamerz lives in Delhi in his own house having a gaming studio of two lakh rupees and he also lives along with his family.

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