How to get Spotify premium for free

I am a music lover without listening to music my day cannot start. In this covid, I heard about the Spotify application famous downloaded music app. But I don’t have money to buy Spotify premium. My mind raised the question of how to get Spotify premium for free.

I think people who visit this blog, they are also a music lover. After all, my research on Spotify premium account for free and I found the solution and finally I got a Spotify premium application for free.

In this blog, I am going to telling how to download the Spotify premium application for free. My name is Ramesh Nayak.

I have done lots of research and I found the Spotify premium application for free. Follow the steps and download the Spotify premium application.

Why you need Spotify Premium Version

Is it necessary to have the Spotify Premium version? In my opinion yes it is necessary to need Spotify Premium Version. To clarify you if you download the Spotify application free version.

In Free version you can’t access all songs and there is a limited number of songs to access in Spotify free version.

And also Spotify free version you will see ads and they may make you angrier while searching any song on Spotify. Every 5 minutes you will see the advertisement on your Spotify free account.

But In the Spotify premium version, you can access all new songs and there no number of songs limited in the Spotify Premium account.

In this Spotify premium account, there is no advertisement you will observe and it makes a good feel and saves your time also. In Spotify Premium account you can access vast number of songs and you easily download to your local storage.

Quick review if you use Spotify free version

  • The only access to a limited number of songs per day.
  • There will observe ads on Spotify’s free version account.
  • You can’t download any songs to your local storage.
  • You won’t able to send any text to your liked one.

Quick review if you use Spotify Premium version

  • You can access unlimited premium songs.
  • There are no ads on Spotify’s Premium version.
  • You can download any songs to the local storage of your mobile or desktop.
  • You can send a text to anyone until your premium version expires.

Now it’s time to download the Spotify premium version application and how to install the application on your mobile and how to access all the settings. Below there is the process to download Spotify Premium.

How to get Spotify premium for free

There complete steps to download the Spotify Premium version for free and the Installation process of Spotify premium for free.

Step 1: I have given you the link below to download the Spotify Premium application for free and you can download and store the application for further use.Click here to download the Spotify premium for free and Install the application.

Step 2: Click on the install button to get Spotify premium for free and after that, you get a security check then click on the verify and allow button. You will be installed Spotify premium for free.

Steps 3: After installation, you need to log in to the Spotify premium for free with any google account or Facebook account. In the best case, I recommend you to use any fake account or alternate account to Spotify login process.

You will be observed that Are you a college student pop message which Spotify premium for free will display just click on the no option for security reasons.

You will get successfully install a Spotify premium account for free in 2021. This the steps to get a free installation Spotify account for free. Next, think you need to do in the Spotify Premium for free application to set the offline setting on.

Go to the setting and scroll down the and you will observe the Spotify premium for free offline settings enable it.

How do I upgrade to Spotify Premium for free

Many of you worry about after completing a free trial of 3 months Spotify Premium and suddenly in everyone mind raises How do I upgrade to Spotify Premium for free.

Follow these steps and upgrade your Spotify Premium account for free. This, not any mod application it is the genuine process to upgrade your spotify premium for free.

Steps to upgrade Spotify Premium for free:

Step 1:

  • First of all, uninstall the Spotify application from your mobile does not matter you are any operating system.
  • Delete/Cancel your account from Spotify services.

Step 2:

  • Now visit Spotify’s official website and click on signup and enter your detail and sign up.
  • Go to services and you will observe the Upgrade to premium for free.
  • Click on that and upgrade the Spotify account for free.

Again you will get 3 months of premium services for free and you can repeat these steps a number of times to upgrade the Spotify account for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime?

No, Spotify is not free with Amazon Prime. Because Spotify is the only music application and it has its own Spotify company. Whereas Amazon prime is only for online streaming videos such as web series and any other newly released movies.

What app gives you free Spotify

In my research, many third-party applications are providing Spotify for free including Spotify Premium. Tutu app and app valley are the application that you can download Spotify free forever.

Only tutu apps and App valley give you free Spotify applications. Visit the official website and download Spotify from that third-party application.

what Spotify playlists should I make

It literally depends upon what type of songs you want to listen to depending on your mood. So don’t listen to anyone’s queries regarding Spotify playlists. But I recommend you to listen to chill spot and other love songs on Spotify.

But making a playlist means that depends on you completely. There are a number of songs and everything is free in Spotify premium for a free application.

Go to your library option and click on the create playlist select the songs and make them one playlist.

How to make a good playlist on Spotify

If you want to make a good playlist on Spotify then you need to pick songs that are going to trending in the next few days. select the song each one or two from every artist.

Then use the high-quality images to your playlist on Spotify. These make you more ideal and unique more attractive to the audience.

How to make a good playlist on Spotify without premium

Yes, you can make a good playlist without Spotify premium. Just go to the settings of your library. Then create a playlist on any name and use quality images.

But In Spotify free version you can reach the audience more so I have given you Spotify Premium for free. Download the Spotify premium application for free. And make your playlist and reach a good audience.

How to make a playlist on Spotify with friends

Yes, you can make a playlist with your friends also. Where friend also can upload and delete and add the artist to your playlist. Just follow the steps and make a Spotify playlist with your friends.

  • Go to Your library option.
  • Click on the Playlist you created.
  • Select the three menu bar buttons and click on Make collaborative.
  • And your playlist must share with your friends.