what does enhance mean on Spotify

we have got recently a big update in the Spotify application. what does enhance mean on Spotify? Spotify came with a new feature called enhanced? Many users are worried about this feature and what is the use of this feature in Spotify.

what does enhance mean on Spotify

So in this blog, I will explain completely about ENHANCE feature on the Spotify application. And we will take a look at this feature how to use this. So let’s ready take a look at Enhance feature in Spotify.

What is Enhance feature in Spotify?

This feature is used to create an enhanced playlist of music only are more love this music. This enhanced button increases the speed and functionality for the creation of the Spotify Playlist.

In another word, we can say this feature is built for the purpose of sorting and filtering your Spotify playlist in the application.

This feature also helps full for your friends or family and others who listen to music on your playlist and they can easily sort or filter all music by dates or weeks.

How to use the enhanced feature on the Spotify app?

To use the enhanced feature in Spotify pretty easy just you need to click on the enhnance button or else I have shown you an example and you can do it to create the playlist enhanced.

Follow the steps to create the enhanced playlist on Spotify

  • Open the Spotify application and log in with your account.
  • You can open Spotify on your browser also.
  • Then click on the create playlist.
  • You will find the enhance button and click on the Enhance button.
  • Then create the enhanced playlist on your Spotify account.
  • Make it visible to all your friends and followers.
  • This feature will help them to sort the new songs added to the playlist and your users or followers will listen to them.

This feature has a good capability to sort the songs and other equipment needed for your followers on Spotify. Spotify has tried a lot to customize this feature earlier but lack of difference they have launched this feature now.

Even I too used this feature to create the enhanced playlist on my Spotify account and my followers are liked much and they have given more listing time to my Enhanced playlist.