Jiobook price in India

If want to know about JIOBOOK price in India you are in the right place. In this, I will share the complete price of the Jiobook laptop. Reliance was lanching the JIOBOOK laptop with less cost and even moderate people also can buy. The complete price is based on the market and the JIO company but Jio Book is less cost laptop with just worth of 15999 rupees only.

Jiobook price in India

If you want to see the JIOBOOK laptop official page I have given the link below to the JIO store where the laptop page is there you can see easily that page. The JIOBOOK laptop coming soon page and the lanching date also on that page you can go through that page and you see all types of informations and pricing in India.

JIOBOOK is a 4G Compatability laptop and its price is declared according to the JIO Rules. JIOBOOK has specific models where JIO is releasing a total of three models at a time.

You can see all three models of JIOBOOK laptop price in India. Jio is going to declare different prices for different models of laptops whereas the starting model of Jiobook is 15999 rupees only.

JIOBOOK Models Date of Release Price In India Visit
JIOBOOK laptop Xd Expected up to March 15 Rs:9999-15999 JIO store
Coming soon Expected up to December Not Notified JIO store
Coming soon Expected up to December Not Notified JIO store

But Jio is not confirmed that lunching date of these three models at a time but soon releasing first model and next two models of laptop at a time.

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