Install aha app on TV and activate aha app on tv

In this blog, I am going to teach you how to install the aha app in Samsung tv and How to activate the aha app on tv also. aha is the best application for Telugu people. The installation of aha is very easy on mobile.

But never noticed that how to install aha application on the Samsung tv or any other tv. Here there the complete steps to install the aha application on tv and you can watch the online video streaming on tv using the aha app.

First of you need to know what is aha app and where to use this also we will download the aha app on Samsung tv and other TVs like Sony, LG, another android tv’s let us start how to install the aha app on tv.


What is an aha application?

Aha app is a video streaming application for Telugu users only. Not saying that it also useful to other people also but they must know Telugu. Aha is released in March 2020. It has become the largest Telugu streaming application for two Telugu states.

Aha is not a free application you need to take the premium and then you will eligible to watch any video on aha app. Aha app also provides you to get free subscriptions for three days and you can download the aha app and you can watch three days for free.

How to install the aha app on Tv’s

Here there are complete steps to install the aha app on TVs. Follow these steps and install the aha application and watch streaming on your TVs. Before installing the aha app on you need these prerequisites and the install process begins.

Prerequisites to install aha app on Tv’s

  • The tv must be android Tv.
  • The tv must have an Internet connection.
  • The Tv must have an android version above 5.0.
  • Follow the installation process to install the aha app on Tv.

Steps to install the aha app on Tv’s (smart Tv’s, Samsung Tv)

  • Turn on the Tv and make sure that the internet connection is there.
  • Open the Android applications on Tv or visit the application on Tv.
  • Visit the Samsung store or for any Andriod users visit the Playstore.
  • Click on the Playstore.
  • Type in the search bar Aha app.
  • You will see top right there and click on the aha app and you will get installed.
  • Make sure that you have a strong and fast Internet connection.

This is a way of installing the aha app on any Tv or you can install the application on any android Tv. So now you have installed the Aha app on your Tv or Samsung Tv. You will get the doubt of how to connect the aha app to Tv.

For this also I have provided the solution just you need to keep reading and you will how to activate aha app on tv. Follow the steps below.

How to activate aha app on tv

To activate the aha app to your Tv these steps are very useful to connect the application to your tv also. Let’s jump it.

  • Open the aha app on your Tv.
  • Click on the pair tv code.
  • You will observe the code on the tv.
  • Open the aha app on your mobile.
  • Click on the connect tv option.
  • Now enter the code in mobile and click on the activate.
  • Your aha app will be activated on Tv successfully.