How to Dress Like a Man Not A Boy | Stop dressing Like a Teenager

Here are 7 tips for How to dress like a man to start dressing more appropriately today (so you can leave behind the “boy” in you for good).

1. Dress With Intent

Some men claim they’re a “t-shirt and jeans” kind of guy…when that’s not the whole picture. They’re the ones with no real intention behind their clothes – just going with the trend or what’s usually seen.

Why is that a problem? Well, it doesn’t make them any different from a 5-year-old who comes to his uncle’s wedding in a suit and tie. His parents called the shots (it’s not like the boy was conscious enough to realize the occasion and put some thought into his outfit).

Now that you’re an adult – you have to examine who you are and where you want to go in life. Those “facts” will guide you in leveraging style.

So whether you’re a lawyer who stops by a local café on his day off, or you’re a plumber who normally gets down and dirty – it’s still important to wear clothes with a purpose. Clothes that communicate a certain message. That appeals to people you encounter in the best possible way.

If you always carry that mindset, it becomes so much easier and meaningful to dress appropriately for your age. And you’ll feel great doing so.

2. Be A Leader

This is all about having the courage to lead. The confidence to walk into a room full of men your age…even though you’re dressed differently.

Standing out (as long as you dress appropriately) is 100% a good thing! It takes some getting used to – but it does get you places. “Blending in” and “staying in your comfort zone” will get you nowhere.

It helps to analyze your career path. Who are the top leaders in your industry? Who are those you aspire to be?

You should also consider the image you’re trying to maintain. Are you a consultant? Consultants are thought to be dressed at a higher level than the average person in general.

Are you a presenter or PR guy for a construction firm? Then you’ll probably want to steer clear of a checkered shirt (so you don’t resemble a construction worker) and try adding a bowtie or necktie with a bright color.

Have courage. Be a leader. Be a real man. And soon enough, you’ll end up gaining more trust and respect from your peers…plus everyone else.

3. Focus On Your Core Wardrobe

As a grown-up, it’s essential to have the base – your collection of staple clothing items – in check before thinking about uniqueness or individuality.

Because here’s the reality. There’s a limited number of workable options for you. That considers the needs based on your profession, position in a company, your industry, and the environment you live in.

To understand how to build your interchangeable wardrobe (in which each clothing piece can match almost everything else). The value here lies in having many feasible combinations with less clothing, which means more money saved.

4. Own Less Stuff

Have some time to scan your closet and take out all the trash (which is best donated or handed over to others).

Not only does this clear the clutter – but it allows you to LOVE everything you keep. To enjoy and see the benefits of whatever’s left.

• You want to be able to make a last-minute trip abroad and love wearing the clothes you pack

• You want to see how your clothes draw more attention and compliments toward you (and how confident you are in them!)

5. Experiment

When you’ve taken care of your core wardrobe and your closet is trash-free…that’s when you explore and bring in new items.

Just remember that every experiment with an item has to be “measured” in some way. How much of an effect will it have on those around you? Or on yourself (image-wise and confidence-wise)? Or even on your earning power?

Sometimes, there are things about ourselves that we don’t immediately notice need some improvement. But once we notice them and do the “repairs,” – the results can be a pleasant surprise. That was the case for Neil Patel, a guy who spent $160,000 on clothing to make $700K!

Neil was a businessman who realized how much more successful he was at selling when we wore nicer shirts, belts, ties, shoes, and even briefcases. So he took full advantage of it…for huge rewards.

6. Buy The Best You Can Afford

You might be able to afford a 20,000 Rupee suit – but it’s your job to look for one with the best quality in various factors (such as clothing pattern, construction, the brand’s reputation, and the service provided before and after purchase).

And since there are several brands out there for the same price ranges – you must research how to pick the right clothing brand as well. It has to be a brand with a house style that complements your image, profession, and the actual YOU.

2. It’s worth it to try budgeting/saving up for better clothes

Let’s face it. Don’t many of us spend a significant amount on beer, junk food – or think about getting that widescreen TV within the year? So be honest with yourself about the non-needs you can cut back or refrain from buying.

When you start to budget for better clothing options, you’re making a long-term investment. It can pay off eventually in the form of a promotion or higher income. And maybe that widescreen TV can follow soon after.

7. Practice (Perfectly)

The key doesn’t lie in how much you practice – but how often you can do the perfect practice.

A kid who’s learning how to ride a bike wouldn’t get anywhere if she just kept falling and crying. Or a first-timer in the gym wouldn’t make any progress if he stuck to the easiest weights without pushing hard.

So that’s the same deal with dressing like a man. It’s a matter of being comfortable in your new stuff (sports jackets, bow ties, glasses, hats, etc.) even when you’re at home. There’s a psychological benefit when you always see how awesome you look in the mirror – even when you don’t have to dress up.

That kind of practice becomes perfect when you lose consciousness of having those items on. When they become second nature, and that’s how you’ll grow the confidence to own whatever it is that makes you look like a man.