How to delete payment history from google pay

We all know about Google Pay where you can transfer your money and receive money from friends, family members, and others. In one word we say that Google pay is digital transfer platform where you can pay money to the stores and merchants also. Every day main of people will transfer money form google pay and receive money from google pay.

Eventually, google pay is a free digital money transferring platform and If you transfer money from one bank account to another bank account you will receive the rewards like Scratch cards and gift vouchers also.

I think many of people worried about in Google pay is How to delete payment history from google pay. Many of them make transfer and they want to keep there transaction hide or delete. But there no option How to delete the payment history.

so I bought you a simple trick and tricky where you can use these tricks to delete the payment history very time and everywhere. Even you can delete your payment history using the desktop and mobile also. I will explain both processes to delete the payment history at any time.

Procedure to delete the payment history in Google pay using the Desktop or laptop

To delete the payment history in google pay you need to have the chrome browser installed on your personal computer. Then follow the steps below:

  • Open the Chrome browser new tab and go to the accounts.
  • You can use the following image below and click on the manage your account option in google accounts.
  • After clicking managing your account then go to the Data and personalization option. after you will see a lot of options then you should go to my activity option see the image below.
  • scroll down and you will find the two timeline boxes and click on my activity and you will be redirected to another page where you can delete transaction history.
  • You will find the option and scroll down and just select the delete option and click on the Google pay history application and click on the delete option.
  • After clicking on the delete button you will get the pop window on the screen and select the always option in that pop window and click on the delete button.
  • So you can delete all data and transactions or payment history in google pay. If you have doubt then go to the google pay application and scroll down and click on the Transaction history your Transaction will clear all.

procedure to delete payment or transaction history in google pay using mobile

If you worrying about deleting transactions history in google pay using the mobile application. So these steps will help to delete your history in the google pay application. Follow the steps below with images included. The process is the same but it will bit change in the mobile option.

  • Open your mobile setting application in your mobile. And scroll down you will find the google main name and click on that. Make sure that you need an email id that is registered to the google pay application or else you won’t get it.
  • YOu can slide the above images to know better. After that choose your account which is registered with the google pay application. and click on the manage your google account.
  • After clicking on the manage your account option then goes to the data and personalization option and scroll down you will observe the same option my activity option and click on my activity and choose the Google pay application history.

After click on that choose the delete option and always or else you can choose the custom date to delete that history in the google pay application. This will be a little bit confusing but don’t worry and just move forward and see to your google pay application transaction history. if it is not gone then do it again with is this process you will definitely get deleted from your transaction history.