how to activate yono sbi without visiting branch

To activate Yono sbi there are two ways to do it. how to activate yono sbi without visiting branch. Even I to face the same problem.

At last, I have tried so many ways and I asked several people and YouTubers they didn’t give the proper answer to my question. But I tell you these two ways how to activate the yono sbi without visiting the branch. let us jump it now.

Activate yono sbi without visiting the branch

In this process, we going to activate your yono account without visiting the branch. But you need to follow the steps and you need to do it carefully. These steps will definitely useful to activate your sbi account without visiting the branch.

This question raises your mind when you have forgotten the password or you are new to log in to the yono sbi application. whether your are lost the password or new to the sbi same process is applicable.

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Process for activating yono sbi:

  1. Download the application from the play store or from any AppStore of yono sbi.
  2. You can download the sbi lite or sbi.
  3. My choice to download the yono sbi.
  4. Then Register the account of the yono.
  5. after that filling all information whatever required.
  6. You need a referral code from the Yono sbi bank manager.
  7. Then click on the register with the debit card.
  8. enter your debit card 12 digit number.
  9. You will get the 8-digits OTP to your registered mobile number.
  10. After verifying the OTP.
  11. Your Yono sbi will activate easily and instantly.
  12. This Is the process how to activate the yono sbi account without visiting the branch.

Activate yono sbi visiting the branch

This process is so easy the above one because you if get any errors then you need to worry but if you visit the branch then you no need to worry. He will safely activate your yono sbi account. but you need to be patient and visit ti the home branch.

You need to carry out some important documents to activate your yobo SBI application. You need a bank passbook and registered mobile number and also you need a Debit card.

How to deregister yono sbi app from mobile?

Are you eagerly waiting for the de-register from the yono application then follow the steps and you can also de-register the account. First of all you need the yono sbi application.

  1. Click on the application
  2. Go to the yono sbi main application and not use the Yono lite application.
  3. Go to the settings just tap on the menu bar.
  4. Go to the profile option in settings.
  5. Then go to the High profile security option.
  6. Click on the de-register option in the high-security option.
  7. You will receive the one-time password to your registered mobile number.
  8. After completing enter the submit button.
  9. YOu will automatically get De-registered from yono sbi.
  10. Then uninstall the yono sbi application from your mobile.

how to update kYC in sbi yono app

Are you worried about how to update kYC in sbi yono app. There are two methods to update your KYC of your sbi. One is you can update your KYC by visiting the offline or you can update your KYC through sbi website or yono sbi application. Follow this steps to update your KYC in sbi yono app.

Steps to update KYC in sbi yono app:

  1. Open the yono application or you can use the sbionline website also.
  2. Go to the setting through the menu bar.
  3. You go to the profile and you will see the update option click on the update option.
  4. There you will find updated profiles or update documents.
  5. Click on the updated documents.
  6. Click on the KYC update option.
  7. Then you need a pan card and aadhaar card to update KYC in sbi yono app.
  8. Enter your pan card number and submit the front and back image of the pan card.
  9. Your KYC will get updated within 48 hours of business days.

how much time it takes to add beneficiary in sbi

To approve your beneficiary in sbi account it just takes the time 30 minutes to 1 hour to approve new beneficiary in sbi account. If you are using to approve the beneficiary in sbi then I will take 3 hours time and you can also approve your sbi beneficiary account within 5 minutes you will get approved.