How much does shopify take per sale

Now I will discuss the Shopify application. Most of the beginners are getting doubt about How much does Shopify take per sale. I will give some examples that were sold by the Shopify website of my products. You will understand better on Shopify and next time you will feel good.

Shopify will take different percentages on different products that means it will depend upon your product. So will discuss what is Shopify and how to use it. We will understand better what Shopify takes per sale.

What is Shopify and How to use it?

Shopify is an online platform to sell your products online. Shopify is a mostly used and widely used app all over the world to sell its products internationally. This application is better to use because it is free and it includes premium also. You no need of any website and wasting money on Domain and Hosting. If you have your own website then you need to be familiar with WordPress and Woo E-commerce.

In this Shopify application, you can sell your Product and you will get a profit from your products and in this Shopify will take a certain percentage per sale. How much does Shopify take per sale I will discuss now. And you can do affiliates on the Shopify application.

How much does Shopify take per sale?

Shopify will not take any additional fee for selling your product online. But before starting Shopify you need to buy the plans to the required amount for three plans. If you are new to the Shopify application or website then you can take the free trial of 14 days.

But there are different transaction fees for every plan. There are BasicShopify, and Advance Shopify plans.

How much does Shopify take per sale in the Basic plan?

In Shopify Basic plan the transaction fees are high as compared to other plans and It will take for every product two percent of the fee. And you need to pay every month Shopify fees for the Basic plan. That almost 29 dollars per month which are 2100 in Indian rupees.

In this Basic plan, you will not get all options rather compared to the other two plans. And you will not get any retail store in basic plans.

How much does Shopify take per sale in the Shopify plan?

In this Shopify plan, the transaction fee will low as compared to Basic plans and high as Advance Shopify plan. This Shopify plan will provide you one retail shop. But you need to pay seventy-nine dollars every month. You will get one percent of the transaction of the fee you sell the product on Shopify.

How much does Shopify take per sale in the Advance Shopify plan?

In this Advance, Shopify plan is low as compared to before two plans and you can sell more products and it has all options and you can set up more than two retail shops on this Advance plan. And the Transaction fee per sale of one product the Shopify will take point five percent of fee on every product you sell. and this advance plan has more renewal fees you need to pay two ninety-nine dollars every month. And you have access to all options and themes you can use.