eBay we can’t process your payment

In this blog, I am going to discuss the eBay payment process because many of them getting the error like eBay we can’t process your payment. When the process to pay for eBay for any product then in the rear case you will this kind of scenario. So I will explain the complete process to resolve this error.

The first thing we need to know why it happens while payment getaway. In most cases, it happens through credit cards and other payment applications. Even I too got errors while purchasing the product on the eBay platform.

So guys don’t worry about this payment error I will resolve everything and I will get through this kind of payment issue in eBay services. And I will also discuss the return payment in your eBay account or in your personal cards.


eBay we can’t process your payment

So follow this steps and resolve the your payment process in eBay account. I have given you step by step process where you can easily go through that and resolve your eBay payment process.

eBay we can’t process your payment [ using the credit card ]

When you are going to pay for any product using a credit card and many people will get this error on credit card only. To resolve this check the below steps and resolve and get your payment back.

  • Check your credit card validity you entered.
  • Check your first name and last name as same on credit and payment bills.
  • Check whether your credit card is processing.
  • In case your amount is credited and shows eBay we can’t process your payment.
  • Contact your bank branch they will resolve it.
  • Wait 24 hours your payment will be refunded to your credit card.

eBay we can’t process your payment [ using the Payment applications]

If you paid the amount through Payment application and you got the eBay we can’t process your payment. It is pretty easy to resolve it and you can get your money back easily. follow this steps to avoid the errors in your payment.

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Check your bank account is connected with your payment application.
  • Check your bank server are available.
  • Check your bank account is active or any pending due to loans.
  • In case everything is okay, But your money debited.
  • Then wait for 12 hours and you will get your money back.
  • Or else you can contact to your bank branch and enquire it.
  • So you can get resolved on eBay we can’t process your payment.

I some other case it will happen in the eBay account wallet. Then it can be so easy to resolve the eBay we can’t process your payment. Just you need to contact eBay customer services and they will resolve it in a minute and you can buy the product at any moment and your money will be safe.