Dan Bilzerian Net Worth | Dan Bilzerian Cars and House

Dan Bilzerian net worth expected at $150 million, according to Money Inc. to $199 million, as per personality Net Worth. He admits that he did inherit some trust funds when he turned 30 but insists that most of his fortune was made betting on private, high-stakes poker games.

Dan Bilzerian Early Life

Dan Bilzerian is soon penning his autobiography after his memoir that was bought by Simon and Schuster imprint Gallery fell through when Dan read the book and didn’t like it, according to the NY Post. The original book title was supposed to be called “Blitz” and tell Dan’s craziest stories. His birthplace is located in Tampa, Florida. From his father’s side, he is of Armenian descent.

He ended his run at 180th place. Over the next few years, Dan amassed a grand fortune by playing poker. He also made outrageous claims about winning millions through the game. Dan has been known to lead a no-holds-barred lifestyle and has had three heart attacks before the age of 32 due to drug abuse and an unhealthy lifestyle.

His father is an eighties corporate raider who was exiled. He set up trust funds for both sons to live off. Dan Bilzerian first tried his luck at Navy Seal in 2000 but couldn’t make it. Later he graduated from the University of Florida, majoring in Business and Criminology.

Dan Bilzerian Career

Bilzerian began his career by participating in the gambling competition named World Series of Poker main event and finishing at 180th place. His winnings topped 36,000 dollars. After that, he is said to have won various games, but they are all private ones. He doesn’t have various notable prize money in official events. At one time, he declares to have won a massive amount of 12.8 million dollars.

Dan Bilzerian Cars and House

Dan Bilzerian made his millions playing Poker in Las Vegas and is in all probability one of the greatest examples of a self-made man. And thanks to social media, normal people like us get a glimpse at what it’s like to be a multi-millionaire. Although Dan Bilzerian Instagram page is mostly made up of supermodels and the odd exotic animal, the shots from time to time give us a view into his private collection of expensive cars.

Based on what we can see from Bilzerian’s Instagram page, he has quite a few cars of various sizes, purposes, and brands. A lot of the vehicles though seem to be large trucks, buggies, and SUVs with decent off-road capabilities. Living in Las Vegas, I’m sure these are all very fun to launch off the desert dunes.

He has 3 houses. The latest bought house of his is in Bel Air. He has a house in Las Vegas as well, but he only goes there to play poker. He owned a house in Hollywood Hills, California but he moved to his house in Bel Air.

Bilzerian owns a nice collection of cars including Rolls Royce Ghost, Shelby Cobra, Bentley Flying Spur, Lambo Aventador, Range Rover, 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz G63 Amg 6×6, 2eleanor Mustang, Polaris Rzr 900, Jimco Buggy, Can-Am Maverick 1000r, Can-Am Maverick Max X Rs, Dodge Ram 3500, M35 Cargo Truck, Fisker Karma, Ferrari California, Ferrari Superfast, Ferrari F430, Nascar.