Why Albert Einstein was so intelligent


In this video, I tell you that when I was reading a book about Einstein, I found out one thing which you probably would not know at all is that how the Neuron SA neuron cell changes or changes The new neuro brain that was found in the present day is different. I want to tell you just one thing so that the simple account which is used now becomes as strong as the one you use.

All of you have also done it, your right hand is more robust than the left hand. Why does this happen? This is because you used to use your left hand and see the right hand but along with you People will see such people who do all their work with their hands, they are stronger than their left hands, rather than right-handed, this means that theft is always true that you have more The same things become so strong that I have seen a lot of people sitting just in comfort. They did not use their brains. They did not do it, then who are the next big ones who use their brains. If you use as much as you can, then why not use your brain properly.

I want to add you to Einstein's life that from now on, emphasize your mind, think of doing something new if you do not think or you can not do it, then you have to think and if you do not know, you know how to do something You will go and if you start doing something then something will be new. See the world is very happy. You are very big. Do not ever think that you are going to live 2 days. You always think that you will never die. But if you want that you have to think to die, on this day on your last day, you should do this work on the last day that you get full time to do something new tomorrow, that means It is meant to say that you are thinking about yourself and your life, something new to do something new and everything else. I too can think of a lot of things. You can think of it in right direction, in the right direction. You start to think not so do not put anything new, of course.

Albert Einstein did not become such a great, he has also used his mind. It is a child who was called a child in his childhood. Education used to say that he will not learn anything in life, but as we all know, Just as no one has learned and hardly anyone can learn in the future, it means that whoever knows how to use the brain, he may be at the forefront of this world.

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