What’s the difference between a good and bad person?

Lord Ram Lakshman and Sita were traveling during 14 years of exile while visiting a lot of devotees while traveling. While sitting in the shadow of a tree, Taucey Time asks one of those devotees, Lord Ram, Can you tell us what is the difference between good and evil, Lord Rama smiles when there is only difference between good and evil The sandalwood trees and Kulhari.The only difference is as much as a sandalwood tree and again ask in the Kaulari, can you tell it in detail, because God does not understand anything, then Lord Rama explains it in detail, like all good things, sandal The tree leaves its fragrance all around for free and knows how to cut and destroy the khalari cable like bad things, even the sandalwood tree can be cut from ax. The person also makes everybody happy with his smell, and not only after cutting sandalwood, its use is grinding and applied on maya, and the khalari, which becomes dull after cutting the tree, then it is made red by keeping it in the fire. And Peter goes to sharpen him

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