What is the real difference bw rich people and a poor people _( Power of utilization)


This video is based on reading a book, I was reading the book. Rich Dad Poor Dad is very strange, I have many people who do not know how to use the money.

What I learned in this book and what was the biggest thing in it, see the Power of Utilisation. The most important thing is that how do you equate anything to anything. This is the most important thing to look at. I'll give you a ₹ 100 And if you learned to make it a ₹ 100 to ₹ 200, then you will never fall any further, because if you make a ₹ 100, you still have a ₹ 100 you again ₹ 200 if I You gave 1 ₹ 1 and you have left nothing, so now you have nothing left. That means how you use your money and you have the deposit capital How do you increase yourself with the deposit capital How to increase capital is the biggest thing to do.

I have seen many crazy people in my village Almohad and have seen many big people now I understand why someone is crazy and why is big one is the biggest region I have seen poor people ₹ 200 Delhi But they ₹ 100 out of 200 ₹ 100 they spend in the drug addiction and one ₹ 100 only save the house while those who are big people at the same time if 200 ₹ 200 come less then 200 sodas bring home Have And then the condition of their home is so good then they say that the big thing about all is that at the moment you learn to pick your own thing in the right way, many lectures have seen all the many children But first of all you have to lose your self in ANSI if you understand yourself and you stabilise yourself, then nothing can be greater than this, it is said that God is called God. Because they are proud of themselves, what they are going to do, what are they going to do, everything is what they are saying, so if you want to become big, do something new, earn some money and make your business The only thing you can do is to improve yourself and you yourself. It was with what I told you. Maybe you have understood how you use yourself, you do it yourself. What you think about yourself is the biggest thing, if you think well then you will do well, and if you think bad, then you should always do good and see.

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