what is a full form of llb

In today’s article, we will know what is a full form of LLB, what is LLB, as well as complete all the information related to LLB Full Form.

what is a full form of llb

The Full Form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus which is a Latin language word, where LL is used for Plural Legum, which means Law, the English full form of LLB is ‘Bachelor of Law’,

LLB is called ‘Bachelor of Law’ in Hindi, which is the Hindi meaning of कानून का स्नातक, LLB is also called Bachelor of Legislative Law which in Hindi means विधाई कानून में स्नातक or विधाई कानून का स्नातक.

What is LLB?

LLB is the largest and most professional degree in the law field. There is a very royal and good profession in India for its profession, after doing which you are able to fight a legal field lawyer or judge and other law court cases,


In the above article, you have learned what is the full form of LLB? Now know about the history of LLB. LLB is an undergraduate course that was first started in the world in 12th century England. At that time this course used to be famous only for the people of arts, then after that, this course started becoming very popular in the eyes of the people.

It was first started in India in the year 1987 at the University of Bangalore.

This course is also more famous among the people than the course of rules.

LLB Course Cost

If we talk about its annual cost, then it is between 35000 to 50000 in government universities or colleges, if we talk about private colleges, then the annual cost is between 1 lakh to 1½ lakh, this is an approximate figure about it. For complete information, you can visit the college website or contact form.

Eligibility for LLB-

LLB is done in two ways, if you want to do after 12th, then LLB course is of 5 years for you, this course is called BA LLB, for this at least 45% marks in 12th is required. , in which the age limit is up to 21 years, for which the educational qualification is not prescribed, he becomes eligible to do this after passing 12th from any stream,

Another way to complete this course is that you have completed graduation from any recognized university or college.

For which you have completed graduation from any stream, in this also you need 45% marks. Whose age limit is up to 45 years, this course is called LLB and after that you have graduation degree available then you You can enroll for this course in two ways.

Career options after doing LLB-

  • Advocate
  • Labor Lawyer
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Cyber ​​Lawyer
  • Patent & Copyright Lawyer
  • International Lawyer

Top 10 Colleges for LLB Course-

College Name Places
School national Law School of India University-Bangalore Bangalore
The West Bengal National University of Juridical Science- Kolkata
The University of Lucknow- Lucknow
Faculty of Law Jamia Millia Islamia- Delhi
Aligarh Muslim University- Aligarh
ILS Law College- Pune
Uttaranchal University- Dehradun
Faculty of Law Banaras Hindu University- Banaras
5 Amity Law School Delhi- Noida

Job field after LLB-

  • Advocate
  • Notary
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Solicitors
  • Magistrate
  • Law Reporter
  • District and Session Judge
  • Legal Advisor
  • Oath Commissioner

Benefits of doing LLB-

The biggest advantage of doing this course is that you get a high level of respect in this because everyone in this world wants my position to be the highest and at the same time get to learn things related to law, which is another job. Not available in or in other courses,

By doing this course, you see a great social reformer and following Indian law as well as a high level of wealth, which in today’s era almost every person lives life with the aspiration of all these things.


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