In the series of Rapidex English Speaking Course, I told you about the alphabets and calligraphic of spoken English. It is important for you to learn English that you have learned the alphabets right pronunciation, along with the calligraphy giving it a new look. Let’s give a new way of calligraphy to teach you how to write well. It is important for the good to speak English. You can also let Today we learn the alphabets and calligraphy went derived from Rapidex English speaking course English book best way wrote good English.


I have taught you about alphabet in Day 5’s Part One of the Rapidex English Speaking Course. I have also given the correct pronunciation of Alphabet so that you can pronounce alphabet correctly.


I have taught you about calligraphy in Day Five part 2 of the Rapidex English Speaking Course so that you can learn to write well with good English.


Rapidex English Speaking Course is a special feature of the book. This book is written in a very thoughtful way. While writing this book, the writer has taken care of doing this thing that anyone who reads this book, is definitely good in English. They can learn to speak and write, as well as their word mining too. They have the word power, all these things have been eliminated in a good way so that they can easily learn Be able to learn a new style of English.

I have tried to teach you better English by studying English in this article to support you in the Rapidax English Speaking Course book, I have read this book myself and have tried to explain it to you. For proving to be worthwhile, I have also created a PowerPoint slide so that you can understand it correctly by looking at the slides I have all of you He has also prepared Video Lecture Course and has given you the download of the PDF app of the Rapidux English Speaking Course book. You can download and read this book but I will have a prayer for you to read this book only. Do not download any other person or person, because this book is written by the author of this book, with great difficulty. We must remember the hard work that the English learn. It is a great boon for us, why do not we download and read this book, considering all the rules and regulations of this book, but I have only done it for the purpose of your reading So you will definitely remember this purpose.

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