Night and day why sleep.

Sleep is not a bad thing. It is a good thing to have the health of our body and it has been researched by researchers that our body needs as much sleep as necessary to make our condition calm Also needs sleepDoctors and psychologists say that for a person about 6 hours of sleep is enough every day, a similar conclusion may be less than 1 hour, but only 6 hours are considered paramount and if a person sleeps less than 6 hours or more Sleep a day or two, depending on the mental and material needs of a person; For example, Gandhiji used to sleep only for 4 hours, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, even less Former President APJ Abdul Kalam slept 3:30 for 4 hours only, many people who slept very little because they used to tension because of their work If you have tension of your work then you will get very little sleep Do it because sleep comes because you do not want to do what you have to do after getting up and changing this situation, sleep will stop and see.

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