Just do not give up

There was a boy named Ramu. He was going to his sister's house on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. There was a dense jungle on the way along with his father, Papa, strange strange sound was coming from the forest and there was a terrible snake in it, taking a snake Sandeep Ramu, as soon as he heard the sound of a snake, he was scared and he ran out and ran away and his father was behind him, Ramu was completely exhausted. He was sleeping on the edge of a lake when he was sleeping a little later, he was thirsty with water, so he tried to drink water from the lake. As soon as he started drinking water, he heard from the lap that you Do not touch the water, Ramu said, do not touch, then Ramu said, give me water, then the voice came from the tank. If you answered my questions first then Ramu said that if you ask the question then whoever is the greatest of the voice came from the tank, then Ramu answered There is a big mother, the water god is pleased, and the son said, your answer is right You can drink water, Ramu drink water from the lake and walk on his way, go on his way An old lady is seen; The evil woman tells Ramu that where you are coming from here, Ramu tells you that she is looking for her father Papa and Ramu speaks that our father is separated from us, so he I am looking for and then speaks Mother, I am very hungry, so that old lady gives her to eat dry bread and Ramu eats the dry roti. The day was sitting on the bank of the river. In the meantime, while searching for her, her parents arrive there, they come there weeping and crying with their throats, and the sister who went with them was waiting for Ramu to make her rakhi and sweets and all Join together.

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